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Scored: five15’s first workshop for young women composers a huge success

This week saw the first five15 workshop to inspire girls and young women to unleash their creativity and gain confidence as composers in this highly male-dominated profession.

“The girls are full of ideas” said five15 mentor, the composer Kerry Andrew who led the choral workshop including a diverse group of girls from across London who all have musical ambitions. They learnt about body percussion, rhythms and wrote a short piece which they performed as an ensemble on the spot.

The event was held at The Gresham Centre, the home of the music education foundation VCM, who wholeheartedly support the project.

Centre Director Jan Keliris said :

“We are absolutely thrilled that we can host the very first workshop for this amazing project. We had a fabulous afternoon listening to some very talented young girls making music.”

And finally a word from three of our brilliant young composers Sara, Charlotte and Ruby:

“It was really really good fun. It’s was a really good way of thinking of different styles of composition and thinking more outside the box.”

“I really enjoyed it and it’s a good way to get young people together to develop their vocal range and how to compose.”

“It’s been really inspirational to know that even during a different day time job I will still have the time to compose and have music in my life which I didn’t really think I could do before.”

The London Oriana Choir and Conductor Dominic Peckham will be organising more workshops in the future so do get in touch if you would like to join our mailing list!

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