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Giving a voice to women composers across the UK

Today we're very excited to announce the official beginning of our five15 project, a ground-breaking new venture aimed at promoting new choral works by British women composers, a much neglected sector of the genre. Called five15, the choir plans to work with five female composers over the next five years to commission three works each per year, alongside other developmental initiatives.

The project’s aims are:

  • To help address the lack of recognition shown to women composers in the UK.

  • To promote the work of British women composers so that they and their work are more widely recognised for the long-term.

  • Through our performances and education/outreach work, to provide opportunities for women composers, and in particular young composers.

Activities over the five years will include:

  • Commissioning 15 new works from five emerging women composers over a period of five years which the choir will perform in the UK and abroad. Each composer will have the chance to work closely with the choir and Music Director over a period of a year and receive three paid commissions (two short-form a cappella pieces including a Christmas Carol, and one longer work of 15-minutes or more to include instrumental accompaniment)

  • Publishing an anthology of work by British women composers, including all the works the choir commissions, to provide a useful resource for other choirs

  • Organising a competition for 18-24 year olds and performing the top three winning works

  • Launching a high profile festival with other partners devoted to the works of women composers

  • Developing and promoting a programme for workshops and training for the next

generation of British women composers


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