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five15 on the BBC

We were very proud to hear our first five15 composer-in-residence Cheryl Frances-Hoad on the BBC Radio 3 programme The Choir, along with campaigner for women composers Jessy McCabe. Both women spoke eloquently and passionately about the project and the need for women composers to be promoted more widely. We were especially happy to hear a focus on the fact that five15 is quite deliberately not a "flash in the pan" project. We aim to make a lasting difference by running multiple events over multiple years.

We're featured in the first 30 minutes of The Choir on Sunday 8th of May, which will be available on iPlayer until early June. You can listen via the BBC website.

A couple of small clarification for those who heard the programme: firstly, the Ipsos MORI commission was a survey of 981 adults around the UK, which was then weighted to be statistically similar to the UK population. The video showing people being interviewed on London's Southbank was just used to promote the project, that wasn't the survey itself!

Secondly, Sara unfortunately got the wrong date for our Greenwich launch concert: The Throne of Beauty : Phenomenal Women is on Wednesday 6th July 2016, 7.30pm at the Dry Berth at the Cutty Sark, Greenwich. More details at the Cutty Sark website.

But that aside, we are very happy to hear our project promoted to a wide audience via the BBC, and thank Sara Mohr-Pietsch and the team at BBC Radio 3's The Choir for their support.

Jessy was indeed part of the inspiration behind the project and we are very happy to have her support. We are also excited to hear that she is singing with the newly formed Wimbledon Youth Choir. We wish you the best of luck, Jessy, and look forward to hearing more of you in the future!

And Cheryl: you don't have to make your work too easy for us. We work hard to make a great sound, and enjoy a challenge. Bring it on!

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